Little Feathered Buddies

Small birds, big hearts


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 - Ice Cream Spoon Dangler
 - Coconut Forager
 - Double Ring Cockatiel Swing
 - Construction Paper Shredder
 - Octopus
 - Baby Octopus
 - Beaded Olympic Rings
 - Crazy Sputnik
 - Double Crazy Sputnik
 - Lucky Dice
 - Mini Disco Ball
 - Mini Shredder
 - Stars, Bells and Tills
 - Till Ladder
 - Wavy Shredder
 - Zig Zag
 - Fan
 - Flower
 - Lop-Sided
 - Wiffle Preener



Birdland Paradise Game

Lucky Dice


  • 1x stainless steel quick link
  • Plastic cord
  • 3x dice beads
  • Pony beads

  • Instructions:

    Step one – fold the plastic cord in half through the quick link and thread both ends through one of the dice beads

    Step two – thread as many pony beads onto each piece of cord as you wish

    Step three – finish the toy by adding a dice bead to each piece of cord, and tieing knots to hold the toy together