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 - Ice Cream Spoon Dangler
 - Coconut Forager
 - Double Ring Cockatiel Swing
 - Construction Paper Shredder
 - Octopus
 - Baby Octopus
 - Beaded Olympic Rings
 - Crazy Sputnik
 - Double Crazy Sputnik
 - Lucky Dice
 - Mini Disco Ball
 - Mini Shredder
 - Stars, Bells and Tills
 - Till Ladder
 - Wavy Shredder
 - Zig Zag
 - Fan
 - Flower
 - Lop-Sided
 - Wiffle Preener



Birdland Paradise Game

Construction Paper Shredder


  • Several sheets of paper
  • Bird-safe string
  • Pear clip or c-clip for hanging

  • Instructions:

    Fold paper in half along the short side or the long side, depending on how long you want the strips to be. Cut into thin strips, making sure to choose the direction that will give you pre-folded strips. The job will be much easier if you use a paper slicer instead of scissors; cheap ones are available at office supply stores.

    Stack up some of the paper strips so that the folds are basically together and you have an inverted V shape. Tie string around the folded part of the paper bunch, tightly enough that pieces won't fall out easily but not so tightly that it tears the paper. You want to end up with the knot on top of the fold and an approximately equal amount of loose string on each side of the knot.

    Pick up some more paper strips and put the folds together as you did in the previous step. Put the fold line of this bunch on top of the string on the previous bunch, but change the angle so that the new bunch is hanging down in a different direction. Tie the string around the new bunch.

    You can attach bead strings or other toys to the plastic ring if desired.

    Attach three equal lengths of plastic chain at equal distances around the plastic ring using plastic electrical ties. Hook the top ends of the chain onto a pear clip or c-clip, and hook the metal ring on top of the rope onto it too.

    Repeat the previous step until you run out of paper. Tie a pear clip at the top and trim off any excess string.