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 - Ice Cream Spoon Dangler
 - Coconut Forager
 - Double Ring Cockatiel Swing
 - Construction Paper Shredder
 - Octopus
 - Baby Octopus
 - Beaded Olympic Rings
 - Crazy Sputnik
 - Double Crazy Sputnik
 - Lucky Dice
 - Mini Disco Ball
 - Mini Shredder
 - Stars, Bells and Tills
 - Till Ladder
 - Wavy Shredder
 - Zig Zag
 - Fan
 - Flower
 - Lop-Sided
 - Wiffle Preener



Birdland Paradise Game

Double Ring Cockatiel Swing


  • Two 9-inch willow wreaths
  • Bird-safe string or craft lace
  • Large and small beads
  • Raffia
  • C-clip or other hardware for hanging

  • Instructions:

    Tie string or lace to one of the wreaths. Pass the string through large beads, then tie the remaining end of the string to the remaining wreath. (The purpose of the beads is to create space between the wreaths to prevent toe-pinching.) Optional: you can wrap any exposed string with raffia at this point to reduce chewing.Attach decorative items and toys. The swing in the picture has several strands of raffia tied to the sides with a small bead tied to the end of each strand, but you can use other small items like bells and munch balls. The toys and the wreaths are great fun to chew on, so be prepared to repair or replace various items. Attach hanging hardware at the top. The swing in the picture used a plastic electrical tie passed around the wreath and through a metal ring, and a pear clip through the metal ring.