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 - Ice Cream Spoon Dangler
 - Coconut Forager
 - Double Ring Cockatiel Swing
 - Construction Paper Shredder
 - Octopus
 - Baby Octopus
 - Beaded Olympic Rings
 - Crazy Sputnik
 - Double Crazy Sputnik
 - Lucky Dice
 - Mini Disco Ball
 - Mini Shredder
 - Stars, Bells and Tills
 - Till Ladder
 - Wavy Shredder
 - Zig Zag
 - Fan
 - Flower
 - Lop-Sided
 - Wiffle Preener



Birdland Paradise Game

Coconut Forager


  • 1/2 of a coconut shell, clean and with all edible material removed
  • 1 plastic ring, wide enough to be a comfortable perch and with enough center space to hold the coconut shell.
  • A knitting loom was used in the picture.
  • Bird-safe rope, string, and/or plastic chain
  • Beads and other toys/decorative items
  • Hardware for hanging: the model used a 1-inch-diameter metal ring, a pear clip, and plastic electrical ties.
  • Drill

  • Instructions:

    Drill a hole in the bottom of the coconut shell and more holes (at least four) at regular intervals near the rim. Pass a rope through the hole in the bottom of the shell and tie a knot in the rope as close to the shell as possible, both inside and outside, so the coconut shell can't slide up and down on the rope. The coconut shell will serve as a bowl in the completed toy, so keep that in mind when you choose your rope placement. The rope length above the bowl should accomodate easy hanging; the rope length below the bowl should provide some weight for stability when your bird starts climbing on the coconut shell.

    Important! Attach large beads to the rope at frequent intervals. Birds can easily get tangled up in a length of plain string or rope, but adding the beads makes it nearly impossible for this to happen. Tie a small metal ring for hanging at the top end of the rope.

    Attaching the coconut shell to the large plastic ring:
    Tie a short piece of string to one of the holes drilled near the rim of the coconut shell. Pass the string through one or more beads so that the string in the 'air space' between the coconut and the ring is covered. Tie the other end of the of string to the plastic ring and trim off any excess string. Repeat this process with all the remaining holes in the shell.

    You can attach bead strings or other toys to the plastic ring if desired.

    Attach three equal lengths of plastic chain at equal distances around the plastic ring using plastic electrical ties. Hook the top ends of the chain onto a pear clip or c-clip, and hook the metal ring on top of the rope onto it too.

    Hang up the forager and fill the coconut with treats and/or small toys.