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Two Level Bird Gym


  • a small wooden tray (12" x 8")
  • a large wooden tray (14" x 12")
  • four wooden ladders
  • two perches (~11")
  • ~39" bamboo sticks (1" diameter)
  • aspen shavings
  • raffi rope (or thick hemp rope)
  • materials to make toys (beads, leather chew pieces, etc)
  • tape and non-toxic wood glue
  • a saw (hand held or electrical)

  • Instructions:

    Take the BAMBOO and cut them (with an electrical or hand held saw) into pieces with the following lengths: 3 pieces that are 11", 2 pieces that are 5" , two pieces that are 14", and one piece that is 12"

    WASH everything (the TRAYS, the pieces of bamboo, the ladders, the perches, and even the materials for the toys)
    Make the bottom level of the playgym: take the 3 pieces of bamboos that are 11" and the 2 pieces that are 5" and glue them LIKE THIS. Then make the top level: take the two perches and tie them with raffi rope to two ladders LIKE THIS. Glue this structure to the small tray, it will look LIKE THIS. Let both trays STAND TO DRY for at least an hour. After the glue is dried, put tape ontop of the glue at the botom of the small and large trays. Even if glue is not visible, tape around the base of each of the bamboo pieces (where it connects to the trays). This is a precautionary measure to keep the bird from eating the glue.Take the small tray and use raffi rope to tie the remaining pieces of bamboo (2 pieces that are 14" and one piece that is 12") LIKE THIS.

    Connect the top and bottom trays with glue. The top tray should sit on the triangular base stand formed by the bottom tray (ie with the 3 pieces of bamboo that are 11"). Let the glue dry and again, put tape over the dried glue.

    Add toys, tie a ladder on either side of the small tray, and coat the bottom of both trays with aspen shavings and you're done!

    Photos of the finished product:
    The most frequently asked question about this play gym:

    Why is raffi rope used instead of nailing the pieces together? The main reason is because it allows for easy replacement of chewed through parts of the gym. Usually if you nail something together, you'd have to rip out the damaged piece plus damage the attaching piece. With raffi rope, you just have to unwrap, pull out the damaged piece, stick in another one, and rewrap.