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Three Level Bird Gym


  • A wooden tray
  • 4 pieces of bamboo (1m or 19.5")
  • 9 perches, each ~12"
  • Materials to make toys (plastic springs, leather chew strip, beads, etc)
  • aspen shaving, non - toxic wood glue, tape, hemp/raffi rope
  • a saw (hand held or electrical)
  • Natural non-toxic tree branches

  • Instructions:

    Wash everything carefully and leave to dry. Take the 4 pieces of 19.5" and using hemp or raffi rope, tie three perches to form a triangular structure that looks LIKE THIS. Glue this structure to the tray and leave to dry. After it is dried, cover up all the dried glue with tape. Then make two additional layers with the 6 remaining perches LIKE SO.

    Coat the tray with shavings. Tie in ladders and home made toys and you're done!