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Jumping Jungle Bird Gym


  • A wooden tray
  • 4 pieces of bamboo (1m or 19.5")
  • a thinner piece of bamboo (39" long )
  • Materials to make toys (plastic springs, leather chew strip, beads, etc)
  • aspen shaving, non - toxic wood glue, tape, hemp/raffi rope
  • a saw (hand held or electrical)

  • Instructions:

    Wash everything carefully and leave to dry.

    Take the 4 pieces of bamboo (each about 1 meter long or 19.5" long) and glue them to the inner corners of the wooden tray. Leave to dry for an hour and then put tape over the base of the bamboo where it adheres to the tray. This will prevent the bird(s) from eating the glue if they happen to find it.Cut the thinner piece of bamboo (which is roughly 39" long) to various length. It could be completely random. Wash these pieces again to get rid of saw dust.

    Attach these pieces to the 4 pieces of bamboo (which are glued to every corner) at random angles and places. Attach by tying it tightly with raffi or hemp rope. To prevent the peices from sliding down or twisting, tape the piece first, then wrap raffi/hemp rope around the tape.

    Add toys and coat the bottom of the tray with aspen shaving (or newspaper) and you're done! Photos of this play gym: FRONT VIEW, SIDE VIEW.