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Getting Started

Where Should I Place the Cage?


Avoid putting the cage near a persistent draft (such as vents and windows) because constant quick changes in temperature can make the bird ill. Also avoid putting the whole cage directly in front of a window or anywhere that the bird will be exposed to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. It's all right to have a small part of the cage in front of a window so the bird can see out, as long as the bird has space to retreat to a more comfortable position if the outdoor temperature makes it uncomfortable next to the glass. But also consider whether there's anything outside that will frighten your bird. A constant view of hawks flying by or your neighbor's dog isn't exactly reassuring.

At least one side of the cage should be against a wall or other solid surface. Birds are prey animals in the wild, always on the lookout for danger even in our homes. It's stressful if they have to keep watch on all four sides.

Do not put the cage in the kitchen: cooking fumes and fumes from Teflon pots and pans can kill a bird (they have very sensitive respiratory systems). Kitchens are also a physically unsafe place (the bird can land on a hot pot and severely burn/kill himself. Knives are around the kitchen and can cause injury if they are accidently left out).

The best place to put the cage is where you and/or your family members spend most of the day (this is usually the living room or the common room). The bird will feel more comfortable to be part of the family. Once settled in their new home, most birds feel very uncomfortable in a quiet room by themselves.