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Getting Started

Where Should I Place the Cage?


Avoid putting the cage near a draft (such as vents and windows) because quick changes in temperature constantly will make the bird ill. Also avoid putting the cage directly behind a window or anywhere where the bird will be exposed to direct sunlight and can overheat (birds can overheat easily) resulting in stroke and death.

Do not put the cage in the kitchen: cooking fumes and fumes from Teflon pots and pans can kill a bird (they have very sensitive respiratory systems). Kitchens are also a physically unsafe place (the bird can land on a hot pot and severely burn/kill himself. Knives are around the kitchen and can cause injury if they are accidently left out).

The best place to put the cage is where you and/or your family members spend most of the day (this is usually the living room or the common room). The bird will feel more comfortable to be part of the family. Once settled in their new home, most birds feel very uncomfortable in a quiet room by themselves.