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General links:
Winged Wisdom - an extensive library of pet-bird articles

Feeding Feathers - a Yahoo group dedicated to bird nutrition, with an emphasis on natural foods.
Foraging articles:, On African Wings
The grit controversy: anti-grit comments are all over the internet. Here are a couple of pro-grit articles by famous aviculturalist/ornithologist Rosemary Low and Birdkeeping Naturally publisher E.B. Cravens.

Full spectrum lighting:
Birds & Lighting - the most comprehensive source on the web.
Parrot Island: The Necessity of Full Spectrum Lighting
HolisticBird: Lighting

Psychology, behavior & training:
Clicker Training for Birds: Getting Started - an excellent book on clicker training techniques.
Bird-Click - a Yahoo group on clicker training for birds. One of the owners wrote the book listed above.
Good Bird Inc - the website of Barbara Heidenreich, a highly respected bird trainer.
Height Dominance - an article by Steve Martin.

Avian Genetics - a detailed technical explanation.
Petcraft: Mutations in Aviculture - a simpler technical explanation that includes information on how the different mutations affect the feathers.
Beginner Guide to Genes, Mutations and Hybrids - was our genetics article too complicated? Try this one - it's more simplified and includes diagrams.
Ara Project Genetic Calculator - a complex genetic calculator for 43 species that takes crossovers into account.
The Cockatiel Color Palette - a simple genetic calculator for cockatiels. There are other genetic calculators on the internet, so try searching for the name of your species along with the words "genetic calculator".


Thanks and Credits

This site involved major team work. The web team wishes to thank everyone that has taken part in the site's construction and/or have given opinions on how to better the site.

This is the partial list of "who did what", put in alphabetical order based on the author's name. Credit goes to....

Emily L. for writing articles titled:

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  • Evacuation kit
  • Baths

Karen D. for writing articles titled:

  • Sexing very young budgies (under 6 months)
  • Breeding article

MystiBird for writing articles titled:

  • Signs of illness

All the LFB members for numerous things: supporting the site, helping with content input, answering FAQs.